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CLIMB Ministries

Stand Firm is a skills development program offered by dedicated professionals and qualified volunteers for individuals who are making changes as they progress in recovery and rehabilitation from their former lives. Our goal is for participants to stand firm long term!

The program is ten weeks and consists of five modules. Each module runs over a two week period with eight or more class hours per week. The five modules cover topics that are vital to the participant's ongoing success. These include Spiritual Health, Physical Health, Emotiional and Mental Health, Relational Health and Functional Health with an emphasis on a mentoring component where long lasting relationships are built.

Stand Firm was started by Rebecca Friesen in June 2012 as a lifeskills program offered through the recovery houses of Hope for Freedom Society. Now it has become much more. Vancity has partnered to provide a weekly component for personal money and debt management and to make a plan for rebuilding credit. Volunteers include pastors and community leaders from various churches, a paralympian athlete, a personal trainer, teachers, counselors and now with over 200 graduates of the program, many past graduates come back to share with participants as mentors and supporters.

Stand Firm Grad Ceremony #26

Module 2:
Physical Health

Understanding what's going on in our bodies as we go through the physical process of recovery from addiction is important. Along with this, we learn to take responsibility for our body's ongoing care in learning about healthy nutrition, exercise, sleep, hobbies and interests, career options and accessing health care resources that are available.

Module 3:
Emotional & Mental Health

Managing strong feelings in a constructive way is challenging for most of us. Here, we help people learn healthy strategies for identifying and dealing with twisted thinking and attitudes, dpression and anxiety, mood disorders as well as grief and loss. Participants will also improve their communication skills and learn how to develop a good personal support system.

Module 4:
Relational Health

Thinking through how our behavior impacts others is key to growth and healthy changes. When we know our own core values, we can make decisions based on these values instead of on a whim. We also explore the family model with good bonding and how to establish healthy relational boundaries, forgive others and manage conflict.Issues concerning spouses and lovers, sexual boundaries as well as healthy family dynamics are also covered.

Module 5:
Functional Health
This is where it gets very practical. Alongside the financial management program offered by Vancity, guidance is available for those who are job seeking or making plans for more education. There are privileges and responsibilities that come with belonging and partcipating in community, and there are lots of people to help!

Module 1:
Spiritual Growth
In this module students learn to find their security and significance in their relationship with God. We explore our own worldview and how it shapes all the rest of the decisions we make. Realizing that we do not have to walk the path of life alone, we learn tools of prayer and navigating life being guided by the Bible, being connected to a healthy, spiritual community, and learning to contribute using the gifts and skills God has given us.

Rebecca Friesen, M.A.
Stand Firm Program Director

David Anderson
Stand Firm Director

Cliff Kelly

Group Facilitator

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