Servant Leadership

We believe that reproducing leadership can only happen within a context of servant leadership. Following the principles of leadership modeled by Jesus, leaders should seek to serve rather than be served; pursuing God’s purposes, not their own.

Mentoring Relationships

We believe that Christian leadership is not about using authority for one’s own purposes but rather to use God-given influence to develop others through mentoring relationships. Coupled with servant leadership, this is the most effective way to develop leaders.

Team Approach

We believe a team approach to ministry is a biblical approach to fulfilling the Great Commission. Teams reflect a tangible model of servant leadership and provide an example of mutual accountability. Effective leaders are those who function well within teams.

Unity Emphasis

We believe that Christian leaders should have more of a Kingdom focus rather than merely what God is doing in any one group or denomination. Christlikeness requires seeking unity with those who adhere to the core of the Gospel rather than causing division over secondary issues: In essentials, unity; in nonessentials, liberty; and in all things charity.

Catalytic Influence

We believe that the role of the leader is to be a catalyst. Rather than holding on to power and position they should be releasing others to be effective in their own context so that those they serve will reach their God-given potential. We value people and their development above buildings and programs.