Competency Based Christian Leadership Training

Competency based learning is a training model that focuses on outcomes that translate into effectiveness in Christian leadership functions and disciplines. This learning model is commonly used in vocational training, technical training, medical training or any areas where the focus is on skills used to perform specific tasks. Competency based learning can be contrasted with both time-based and credential-based learning. Most academic models stress measuring learning using the categories of time spent, credits earned and tests based on the recall of knowledge. Competency based learning is a learning system based on a predetermined set of competencies, assessment of the learner based on those competencies, development of a learning track unique to each learner, evaluation of the learner’s progress and testing of the learner in an actual working context.

The advantages of competency based learning include the following:

Applying Competency Based Learning to Christian Leadership Training will include the following:

Christian leadership competencies are an integration of godly character and lifestyle, leadership, relevant knowledge and necessary skills and abilities.